How To Prepare Your Trees For A NE Storm

In New England, storms are the norm in fall and winter months. Over the fall and winter months, these storms include high winds, lightning, and snow. Our rough weather can cause significant damage to trees, causing them to fall onto property like homes and cars. While there are 24/7 tree removal companies in RI, MA, and CT, it’s always good to be prepared for a New England storm. Here are some ways you can prepare for New England storms. 

Prune your dead trees:

Dead tree branches, when left un-pruned, can create extra wind resistance for the tree as a whole. When trees aren’t well maintained during the year, some of their smaller branches can die, leaving them at risk of being yanked off during a storm. While small branches alone tend not to be a problem, they can stubbornly hang on to the rest of the tree. This creates a lot of extra wind resistance, occasionally leading to structural damage in the tree trunk or the tree completely falling over. We see ample amounts of fallen trees during New England storms,  Pruning your foliage can help clear away some of the dead or dying branches and reduce wind resistance. Occasionally, trees that have been damaged in the past will grow back weaker than they were originally. This can cause more damage if they aren’t cared for or removed. 

Ensure proper tree placement:

Any kind of foliage near a power line has potential to cause widespread power outages. If you have a tree near a power line, you’ll need to call a professional with experience in utility line clearing. It’s important to clear these before any major storm, as waiting until after the storm can be too late! It’s also important to ensure that your trees are not placed too close together. Trees that are tightly packed can cause a domino effect. If one tree falls during a harsh New England storm, it may topple others. If it doesn’t topple other trees, it may damage them and weaken them for the next storm. A certified arborist will be able to help you prune your trees and ensure that they aren’t a danger during storms. At North Eastern Tree, we bring a certified arborist to your job to evaluate any potential threats to the health of your trees. 

Unpreventable damage:

On occasion, there is storm damage that can be deemed unpreventable. Lightning strikes are unpredictable and there is no precaution you can take to prevent them from striking your trees. Winds upwards of 55MPH can begin to uproot trees, sending them crashing into your property or other trees. On occasions like this, you want to remove the tree from the situation as soon as you can. This will avoid further damage and allow you to begin making the necessary repairs.  For 24/7 emergency tree repair in RI, MA, or CT, call North Eastern Tree Service at (401) 941-7204. We’re certified arborists who put an emphasis on safety and quality on the job-site. Whether you need immediate removal or precautionary tree pruning, North Eastern Tree Service is the right company for the job. We serve all of RI, southern Massachusetts, and eastern Connecticut.