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North Eastern Tree Service is the best tree removal company in Warwick, RI, where our experts will take care of your trees. Our team gives you the best tree removal and trimming services.

Professional Tree Removal Services in Warwick, RI

In Warwick, RI, our expert team makes finding professional tree removal services simple and hassle-free. We prioritize safety and efficiency in all tree removal and pruning projects on your property. As the most dedicated and skilled tree service company in Warwick, Rhode Island, we are committed to keeping your property safe and visually appealing. Trust us for reliable, professional service every time. For a hazard-free environment, let us handle all your tree care needs. We also offer 24/7 emergency services for quick and effective tree care. Choose North Eastern Tree Service for safe and dependable tree maintenance. Contact us at (401) 941-7204 for a free estimate.

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Our Best Services

Skilled and Experienced Arborists

General Tree Services

We provide tree services, including trimming, removal, and stump grinding. Our expert team ensures safe and efficient work on your property.
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Storm Damage & Emergency Removal

Storm Damage & Emergency Removal

We provide tree services, including trimming, removal, and stump grinding. Our expert team ensures safe and efficient work on your property.
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Plant Health Care

Plant Health Care

We also provide plant health care services to ensure your plants thrive. Our expert team addresses diseases, pests, and other concerns to maintain their health.
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Green Waste Recycling

North Eastern Tree Service makes organic mulch to help your trees and plants. It makes your property look better without spending a lot.
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Honest, Reliable, and Reasonably priced!

If you need assistance with tree removal in Warwick and aren't sure who to call, North Eastern Tree Service is here to help. Our certified arborists are equipped with state-of-the-art tools and specialize in a range of tree services throughout Warwick, Rhode Island. Whether it’s tree pruning, stump grinding, or removal, our expert technicians handle everything with utmost professionalism. We understand the importance of maintaining both the safety and appearance of your property. Whether your trees need trimming or complete removal, we ensure the job is done efficiently and effectively. Trust North Eastern Tree Service to keep your property beautiful and safe. Contact us today for all your tree care needs in Warwick, Rhode Island.

Affordable Tree Trimming Services in Warwick

In Warwick, we're dedicated to providing affordable tree-trimming services. Our team works to ensure best care for your trees, plants, and stump removal needs. Please reach out to us for any of your tree care needs!

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Providence, Cranston, Scituate, Smithfield, East Providence, Woonsocket, Cumberland, Coventry, North Providence, South Kingstown

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Contact North Eastern Tree for Tree Services in Warwick, RI

Need tree services in Warwick, Rhode Island? Reach out to North Eastern Tree. Our expert team specializes in trimming, removal, and overall tree maintenance. Contact us to schedule an appointment or to receive a free estimate. Trust North Eastern Tree for dependable service in Warwick. Our highly knowledgeable and certified team is dedicated to providing exceptional care for your trees, ensuring their health and the safety of your property.

Quick Answers For Your Queries

Yes, we take precautions to safeguard your property during tree removal. Our team uses specialized techniques to minimize any potential damage.

Tree pruning is best in late winter or early spring before new growth starts. Consult our professional for the ideal timing tailored to your tree type.

No, tree trimming won’t harm your tree if done by skilled professionals using proper techniques. With trained experts and careful pruning methods, your tree’s health remains unaffected.