Tree Removal Services in Connecticut

Expert Tree Care Services at an affordable cost. In addition to emergency tree removal services, we also offer tree pruning and removal services.

Our Certified Arborists Assist Residential and Commercial Clients

We preserve the health and beauty of your property by offering superior care at a competitive price and utilizing mostly natural and organic treatments. North Eastern Tree Service is fully insured,  serving Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. Our team of experienced, certified arborists assist both residential and commercial clients in maintaining the health and safety of their properties. Check out the top services that NE Tree provides:

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Residential Tree Services in CT

Our skilled arborists at NE Tree have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to offering the highest quality of care for lawn, trees, and shrubs. Our experts in lawn care are capable of finishing the job to the customer’s satisfaction.


Commercial Tree Removal Services in CT

At NE Tree, we provide a competitive substitute for national chains. We are aware of Connecticut’s regulatory compliance needs and provide flexibility to complete the task in an effective and cost efficient manner.

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We offer tree services for homes, businesses, and utilities in Massachusetts. Our licensed arborists ensure safe work and high-quality standards in tree removal and pruning. We focus on minimizing property disruption while delivering excellent service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

During removal, a professional will protect people, pets, and property from injury or damage. By using a qualified tree care expert, you not only reduce the possibility of hurting other people, but you will also be protecting yourself from possible danger. It is risky to climb trees or operate trimming and pruning equipment without the necessary expertise.

Yes. According to Connecticut’s Arborist Law, a person must be a Connecticut Licensed Arborist to “advertise, solicit or contract” to perform arboriculture inside the state.

Arborists are experts in tree health and they know how to keep your trees free from harmful pests and diseases. Additionally, they are masters at tree care methods like fertilizing, bracing, pruning, and cable work. Many arborists are specialists in tree removal due to their knowledge of tree mechanics, safety, and structure.