Tips For Winter Tree Care

Although we tend to think that trees can hold their own through the long winter months, the truth is that younger trees need a little extra support. With a New England winter quickly approaching, here are a few tips to keep your trees healthy and safe this winter. 

Mulch to retain moisture

Mulching your trees can help retain moisture and heat when everything freezes over in the winter. A layer of mulch about 3-5 inches thick starting a few inches from the tree trunk is ideal. Similar to how a bird makes a nest with down, trees that have a nest of tree mulch and fallen leaves will retain heat and moisture in that layer. When mulching, use natural materials like wood chips. If you need mulch for the winter, North Eastern Tree has you covered. We recycle the trees we remove and process them into mulch to make your flower beds look nice and to keep your soil moist.

Plan ahead to prevent freezing

Trees are susceptible to freezing if temperatures drop below 32 degrees for an extended period of time. When a tree freezes, the first thing to go are the buds and smaller twigs/branches. To protect a tree from the cold, it’s best to utilize the natural heat of the tree and Earth to your advantage. Wrapping your trees in burlap is one of the most effective ways to preserve this natural heat. Start by placing a burlap bag over your tree, making sure it doesn’t lean on the branches too much. The burlap should reach the ground to create a bubble for the heat. 

Signs Your Tree Is Freezing

Some species of trees show different signs of freezing. In evergreen trees, you’ll see the foliage begin to brown. This can be because the roots are unable to get or absorb the water they need to keep the foliage alive. Rapid changes in temperature and high winds can also be part of the problem.  Trees expand and contract with rapid changes in temperature, causing the roots and bark to expand and contract. When the roots expand, they displace the soil covering them. This loosens their overall sturdiness and can cause them to fall easily. If one of your trees falls and you need winter tree removal, North Eastern Tree can help. We remove trees all winter long, give us a call at (401) 941-7204. When bark expands, it begins to crack. While the cracking itself isn’t a problem, trees with cracked bark can contract diseases easily. There isn’t a great way to prevent the bark from cracking, so it’s best to help this tree’s natural healing process. If you’re in need of a certified arborist to perform winter tree care for you, give North Eastern Tree a call. We perform tree trimming, tree removal, and certified arborist services all winter long. We’re available at (401) 941-7204 24/7 to assist with all of your tree service needs, emergency or not.