Tree Pruning In Winter

When we talk about taking care of our gardens and trees we think of doing it in spring, summer, and fall. We tend to leave winter out because all of the trees are dormant and “dead looking”. However, trees still need care and attention in the harsh winter months. In places like Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts where temperatures can plunge to -30F. With the northeast having the most trees in America, it’s important that they are cared for all year round. Today, we’ll talk about why you should prune your trees in the winter and why hiring a professional tree service helps you all year round.  tree pruning

What is pruning?

For those that don’t know, pruning is a horticultural, arboricultural, and silvicultural practice involving the selective removal of certain parts of a plant, such as branches, buds, or roots. There are many advantages of pruning trees during the winter. One of the primary ones being that the tree is dormant. Many people believe in winter months that trees and other shrubs “die”. While they do not die, they enter a dormant state. A dormant tree is like an animal that hibernates for winter. When trees go dormant, the people at Jobe say that “Trees prepare their soft tissues for freezing temperatures, dry weather, or water and nutrient shortage. Instead of exerting energy in an attempt to grow, they know to stop growing and conserve energy until mild weather returns.” While the trees are dormant in these brutal north east winters, it’s important to prune to encourage growth of new buds which leads to a healthier tree overall. The energy that would be spent on those old branches is instead sent to create new growth. 

Pruning During Winter

Pruning is also beneficial in winter as you can see the tree’s true shape, instead of pruning with foliage covering it. This makes for a nicer looking tree overall. Hiring an arborist who specializes in these types of services like North Eastern Tree Service can help you have beautiful trees all year long! During winter, many tree companies don’t offer pruning services. But luckily for residents of Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts North Eastern Tree Service offers winter pruning and other services. Most tree companies are busy during the winter, making your pruning top priority! 

Hire a certified arborist!

Lastly, hiring professional arborists to take care of your trees benefits you and your trees in the long run! Arborists will prune your trees for you while making sure they provide that crucial windbreak coverage for your home. Arborists can also maintain your trees all year round and help diagnose what’s best for your tree and when.    In the northeast where some of the most beautiful trees grow, it’s important to have a professional tree company by your side. While winter pruning is one of our many professional services, North Eastern Tree Services also offers: Tree pruning, Tree removal, Stump grinding, Tree moving/planting, and Cabling & bracing, storm damage and emergency removal, plant health and more! With our professional arborists on your side, your trees will be healthy and blooming for many years to come!  Looking for some beautiful trees this spring? Before the next nor’easter hits, have one of our professional arborists come and prune your trees for you! Get a free quote today and let North Eastern Tree Services help you with all of your tree needs!